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Several Haikelite models are now in stock and more on the way be sure to check them out. 

Factory authorized sales and service for Haikelite

Factory Authorized Sales And Service. No One Else In The U.S. Can Offer This.

We are currently the exclusive United States factory authorized dealer and service center for the brand Haikelite. I have tested and completed many reviews for other retailers and I have always been very impressed with the quality that goes into a Haikelite flashlight.

It is both an honor and a pleasure to be the first fully authorized dealer and service center for Haikelite here in the United States.

I want to thank Dale at Haikelite and of course everyone else there for this opportunity and the hard work they do.

Starting out this new year comes with some major changes in Haikelite and all the changes are excellent. All the decision were made based on you, the customer, and how best to serve you. 

New quality check policies have been put into place. Your product will be checked, tested and inspected no less than 3 times before it ever arrives at your door. The last of those will come from me. And I already have plans in place to be sure that no light leaves until I have completed that last check.

Another tremendous change will be in service. For the customers here in the United States and Canada, if you do happen to have an issue with any Haikelite product you purchased here, simply give me a call. No waiting, no excuses, in most cases I will even pay for the return shipping if it is necessary for a repair or replacement. Nothing less than the best possible service I can provide will be acceptable.

This year should be a lot of fun and I look forward to this opportunity.

In Stock Now

The new Hakelite MT09R. We will offer both versions of this light. One powered by 3 Cree XML 70.2 emitters and the other by 3 Cree XML 35 High emitters. We will also offer a charging unit that doubles as a power-bank. It fully charges 4 18650 lithium ion cells in about 4 hours and can be charge your mobile phone using the  USB connection and it also has an LED of its own built right in. 

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